Reflecting on Lockhart FFA achievements

Reflecting on Lockhart FFA achievements
Posted on 05/23/2019

Reflecting on Lockhart FFA achievements

Submission and photos by FFA Sponsor Scott Brown

The mission of the Lockhart FFA is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agriculture education.

All of the FFA events are, by design, highly competitive, making work ethic, responsibility, and dedication a must to be successful. If a student has accolades at the state level or at a major livestock show, they have devoted an enormous amount of time to developing their skills and knowledge to be competitive with the entire state. The following students have been a part of this year’s state teams, have been in the top 10 in their respective major show entries, or had a champion at the Caldwell County Junior Livestock Show (CCJLS).

This is a summary of the #LockhartLeading accomplishments from this year. We are incredibly proud of the dedication, focus, and leadership each of these students demonstrated across the state!


The wool judging team evaluates the quality and yield of wool based upon a unified standard in the industry. They are the first wool judging team to get the opportunity to judge at the state contest from Lockhart FFA and fared well against the competition. With over 200 teams in the state, they qualified out of Area and placed 46th at the state contest. Team members are:

Sara Lay
Clayton Sughrue

Kiersten Reed

Lacey Braeutigan (not pictured)

Wool judging team


The following students have worked hard to be highly competitive in the show ring with their livestock projects. Lockhart FFA had more representation at the state level than ever before, and these hard-earned successes are only seen by the top 2-6% of entries at major shows. Across Texas, 90% of the students showing livestock, do not ever see this kind of success. To put this in perspective, 5 years ago, Lockhart FFA did not have but a single entry in the CCJLS.

Emma Anton Grand Champion Lamb CCJLS, Reserve Champion Goat CCJLS, Premium Auction Goat at the Houston Livestock Show, Top 5 Lamb at the State Fair of Texas.

Emma Anton

Fritz Anton Grand Champion Goat CCJLS, Reserve Champion Lamb CCJLS, Champion Lamb Showman at the CCJLS, Premium Auction Lamb at the San Antonio Livestock Show and State Fair of Texas.

Fritz Anton

Megan Rogers Grand Champion Breeding Heifer at CCJLS, Top 3 and Premium Auction Steer at the San Antonio Livestock Show,. Reserve Champion Cattle Showman at the State Fair of Texas, Champion Red Brangus Heifer at the State Fair of Texas, Reserve Champion Red Brangus Heifer at the Houston Livestock Show, and Top 10 Heifers at the San Antonio and Austin Livestock Shows

Megan Rogers

Mackenzie McKee Grand Champion Steer at CCJLS, Champion Cattle Showman at CCJLS, and Champion Overall Showman at CCJLS, Top 10 Steer and Heifer at the San Antonio Livestock Show, Top 10 and Premium Auction Market Barrow at the Houston Livestock Show,  3rd place Market Steer and Premium Auction at the Austin Livestock Show

Mackenzie McKee

Allison Till Champion Goat Showman at CCJLS, Premium Auction Goat at the Austin Livestock Show, and Reserve Champion Goat Showman of the Austin Livestock Show

Allison Till

Kix Beggs Top 3 Heifer at the Houston Livestock Show

Kix Beggs

Kiersten Reed Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe at CCJLS

Kiersten Reed

Jenna Lloyd Essay Contest Champion at the Houston Livestock Show Scramble Heifer Show

Jenna Lloyd

Brooklyn Miller Grand Champion Market Hog at CCJLS

Brooklyn Miller

Jackie Edwards Grand Champion Market Rabbit at the CCJLS

Jackie Edwards

Addison Gallindo Champion Junior Swine Showman at CCJLS

Addison Gallindo

Tye Beggs Champion Senior Swine Showman at CCJLS

Tye Beggs


The Agriculture Mechanics Program showed some success as well. Lockhart FFA has only had three major show entries in the last 10 years. One of two entries this year had great success at the largest Ag Mech show in the state--the San Antonio Livestock Show. In a very large division, the Squeeze Chute that was built by four seniors, placed 4th in its class, an achievement that is hardly easy to come by.

Team Members are:

Jenaro Reyna

Tommy Rountree

Clayton Sughrue

Christian Magallanez

Ag Mechanics Team


Meats judging is one of the most intense and competitive contests in the FFA. The shear amount of information these students have to retain and implement will impress anyone who takes time to ask about their gained knowledge.

They grade product according to all USDA standards, identify over 200 retail cuts, answer questions on the reasons by which they chose to place classes, and take a meat science test that will rival most advanced placement tests. It takes on average 2 years for a student to understand, at a basic level, all the material. Needless to say, it is not easy to be successful. We have a very special group of four individuals who have dedicated a great amount of time to this contest and were very successful. Results are as follows:

Fort Worth Livestock show - 9th place

Florence/LaVernia Invitational - 7th place

San Antonio Livestock Show - 9th place

Houston Livestock Show- 13th place

Angelo State Invitational - 4th place

District Champions- with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd high individuals, a clean sweep.

Second in the Area- with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th high individuals

6th at the Texas Tech State Qualifiers Invitational

With over 150 teams in the state, 8th at the State Contest!

Meats judging team at State

The team consisted of Allison Till, Dakota Holden, Mackenzie McKee, and Shelby Kinsey. From this team, MacKenzie McKee is going to judge at the college level, attending Texas A&M University in the Fall. Shelby Kinsey will also judge at the college level, attending Texas Tech University.  

While veteran FFA students graduate to bigger challenges ahead, we are certain our younger Lions will pick up the torch to continue to grow this program, recruiting other students to grow with them, and come through Texas with might roar in the upcoming school year.

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