A Conversation with Coach Moebes: Lions Sneak Peek

A Conversation with Coach Moebes: Lions Sneak Peek
Posted on 05/16/2019

A Conversation with Coach Moebes:  Lions Sneak Peek

May 16, 2019

Christina Courson

Athletics Director and Head Football Coach Todd Moebes has been a Lockhart Lion for just 44 school days, but the work he has done, and the changes he implemented in that short time, makes it difficult to believe he just got here.

“I have high expectations for people,” said Moebes as he described his coaching style. “I think it’s our job as educators to get more out of kids than they think they can give. It is human nature to stop at your comfort zone, but it’s our job to push them beyond their comfort zone.”

While Moebes readily admits he is demanding, he also describes himself as understanding. He believes in the importance of building one on one relationships with student athletes that are genuine, wanting to influence them the best he can. “I see the potential in every kid. You have to be versatile to meet each one where they are.”  

Moebes leading spring practice

His love of the game of football, and the influence of growing up with a mother who is an educator, stoked the fires for him to become a football coach. At the age of 15, he knew exactly what he wanted to do, and he is excited to have that opportunity now in Lockhart.

Moebes wasted no time when he started the job to engage the students and staff and learn about the program. When asked about any opportunities for growth he has uncovered, Moebes responded, “The biggest room for growth is in players’ self-expectations. It starts with yourself. It goes from self to positional expectation, unit expectation, team expectation, school expectation, and then district expectation.”

He added, “I think we’re capable of doing anything and everything, but are we ready right now? No, but we’re working to be. We’ll work hard to be special.” Already, he has implemented a number of changes to help pave the way.

One of the most visible is the the launch of spring football in Lockhart ISD. The Lions held their first spring practice April 29, and they will play the  “Maroon and White” spring football game Friday, May 17 at 6:30 pm at Lions Field. Moebes has planned a more robust year-long training calendar for players to better prepare them for the challenge, including summer training.

Speaking of training, the field house is being painted to give it a fresh look. “It gives the players a sense of pride in the building in which they’re spending so much time training,” explained Moebes.

Another intentional focus is working to increase the players’ football IQ every day. “Talking football is like a new language. Terminology in football is very vast,” explained Moebes. “Learning specific language that allows targeted and specific feedback and direction can make the difference in a successful adjustment or improvement. It’s not enough to say ‘tackle them’ or ‘make it happen.’ We have to be specific in how to do that for it to be effective, and the kids need to fully understand that terminology for that to work.”

The Lions are using new schemes from top to bottom. For years, the Lions have run the Slot-T offense. Now, the team runs a spread offense. Fans can expect to see the football thrown more rather than the heavy reliance upon running the ball.

Moebes reviewing film from practice

Another step the team is taking is filming football practice every single day. “We have a team of about 12 students who now film practice every day with HD cameras from different angles -- wide, tight, and end zone.” The coaches meet with each other to review the footage of each of the plays and players, and then they meet with the players to review the film with them. “It gives them a chance to see what they’re doing well and where they need to do better. It is immediate feedback, and it encourages them because they can see themselves doing good things and getting better.” In addition to viewing the film with coaches, the players can access the film at any time through the HUDL video system.

Students filming practice every day

“The student film crew is making a big impact on the development of our team with their support every single practice,” said Moebes.

Many of the players are participating in 7-on-7 football this summer, under the leadership of a community member who is partnering to expand opportunities outside of the school year to help develop the students. This summer, they will play in state-qualifying tournaments in Abilene and Spring in June. “It opens the door to allow them to continue to grow and progress beyond the school year. It’s a good thing.”

Cards of recruiters who have recently visited

The players are responding well to the changes, but Moebes acknowledges it will take some time for those changes to take root and flourish. “I have no doubt we will get there,” he assured. In the meantime, a number of college recruiters have recently started to visit Moebes to learn about Lockhart’s program and players. With each visit, Moebes tapes the cards of the recruiters in a visible place for all the players to see to remind them to work hard to be their best selves.

Even as there are changes underway, Moebes identified an area where we are already clearly #LockhartLeading. He pointed to the strength of Lockhart’s tight-knit community and its tremendous Lion pride. He described the power of the community, through its energy and support in the stands, as having just as much of an impact on the players as the coaches. He noted, “Kids and coaches alike make mistakes in chaotic situations, and with a great home crowd and influence there, mistakes can be made by our opponents because of what is going on in the stands. We can all take ownership in the team’s success.” Community members will have an opportunity at Lions Stadium tomorrow, May 17, at 6:30 pm, to do just that. During the halftime show, cheerleaders will collect donations towards the Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) Benevolence Fund, which helps support student-athletes and coaches in Texas who experience life-altering circumstances or death.

All are invited to attend the Maroon and White spring football game, and entry is free. This will be an opportunity to get first peek at the Lions under Coach Moebes as well as demonstrate the strength of the Lions community in the stands.

It’s a great time to be a Lockhart Lion!

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