Operations for Student Programs & Activities

On and Off-Campus Student Activities

  1. Restrict community access to campus facilities indefinitely. 

  2. Any school wide events that are approved to be held on campus need to adhere to social distancing requirements outlined by LISD, TEA, and UIL.  

  3. School wide events will be live streamed and/or occur virtually when possible. 

  4. Campus club meetings should be held virtually.  

  5. Campuses will limit students from leaving campus after school prior to travel or start of extracurricular activities when possible.

  6. Extracurricular activities may continue based on recommended guidance of  LISD, TEA, and UIL.

  7. Field trips for academic/enrichment, including special education community-based instruction,  are suspended indefinitely until transportation and gathering is safe and allowable.

After School Programs:  Kids Club & LISD Texas ACE Programs

LISD ACE Program

Lockhart ISD offers Texas ACE programming to serve identified 2nd - 5th graders through a grant funded by the Texas Education Agency. The LISD Texas ACE sites are based at AB Strawn Elementary, Bluebonnet Elementary (serving Bluebonnet and Clear Fork), and Navarro Elementary (serving Navarro and Plum Creek).

Due to COVID-19 and related health & safety concerns about transporting and gathering students in large groups, LISD ACE programming will be a 100% virtual program this school year. LISD ACE site coordinators will contact ACE students and their parents to discuss this year’s online offerings. Parents can access additional information at https://lockhartisd.link/LISDACE.

Kids Club After School Program

Lockhart ISD offers after school programming to pre-K - elementary students. Kids Club supports the student learning experience with the opportunity for additional academic support and enrichment to help all of our Lions in their academic growth. 

The district will offer after school programming at each of the elementary campuses as well as Carver Early Education Center in the 2020-21 school year. This will enable smaller groups of students and avoids the need for transporting students to other sites. 

Kids Club will follow social distancing guidelines of maintaining six feet of distance between students, require face coverings for all participants and staff, provide for frequent opportunities for handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer, and implement modified pick-up procedures as the district will restrict entry into the program except by students and staff. 

For additional information, visit https://lockhartisd.link/KidsClub or call Community Education at 512-398-0245.


  1. Athletic practices and contests will be conducted following safety protocol provided by guidance from LISD, UIL and TEA. This will include COVID screening, group sizes, sharing and sanitizing of equipment, locker room usage, etc.

  2. Hand sanitizing stations will be in gym facilities, weightroom, field house, and equipment will be sanitized after each student group’s use.

  3. Locker room use will be determined by TEA/UIL. If locker rooms can be accessed, all locker room space will be utilized to follow social distancing guidelines.

  4. Bus travel will follow transportation guidelines provided by LISD and TEA.

  5. Spectator attendance at games and contests may be limited based on TEA and UIL guidelines. Ticketing for events may be utilized to control capacity of facilities.

  6. Postgame sign out procedures for athletes will be communicated to parents prior to the beginning of each season.

  7. Event procedures will be in place to minimize on-campus interactions.

  8. Separate entrances and exits will be utilized and event doors may be propped open to minimize physical contact with handles.

  9. Spectator seats will be marked and/or configured in a way to enforce social distancing.

  10. Concessions and/or concession sales may be limited to encourage social distancing and to follow health and safety guidelines.

Fine Arts

  1. Large group practice sessions, sectionals and rehearsals will adhere to social distancing guidelines provided by an authorized entity (e.g., LISD, TEA, UIL, etc.).

  2. Fine arts music private lesson teachers will not be allowed to teach on campus facilities until further guidance is provided by an authorized entity. Private lessons may continue to be conducted virtually if agreed upon between individual families and the lesson teacher. All district guidelines and pricing will continue to be adhered to.

  3. Off-campus fine arts performances will only be conducted if specific guidance is provided by an authorized entity (e.g., LISD, TEA, UIL, etc.)

  4. Concerts/performances may be adjusted based on health and safety guidelines provided by an authorized entity (e.g., LISD, TEA, UIL, etc.) including but not limited to transportation procedures, number of attendees, and the orientation of concerts.

  5. All fine arts performances will be streamed online when possible.

  6. Booster club meetings should be held virtually or off campus to minimize outside exposure to campuses. 

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